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Pouch Application Directions


verbenone pouch

General Application of Verbenone Pouches:

A Verbenone pouch is an easy-to-use controlled-release dispenser that is hung on individual specimen trees or placed in a grid pattern when wanting to protect acreage

Pouches release their scented contents more quickly as temperatures rise, and they are affected by sunlight. Beetles prefer dark, cool parts of the forest. Thus, place pouches approx 6-10' high on the north face of the tree (where there is more shade) and downwind of prevailing breezes so that the "plume" of pheromone will waft in the direction of the trees being protected.

DO NOT put the nail or tack through the center of the packet, as this will damage the integrity of the pouch, causing it to release its contents too quickly. There is a strip at the top of each pouch that is reinforced and provided for the nail to puncture.

Host Tree Stands: Stand and fallen pine trees, including: limber, loblolly, lodge-pole, pinyon, ponderosa, shortleaf, Virginia, western whitepine, white, whitebark, or pine trees of any species. Use on trees in forests; municipal and shade tree areas, recreational areas such as campgrounds, golf courses, parks and parkways; ornamental and shade tree plantings; suburban areas; and rights of way and other easements

Pests: Verbenone is an anti-aggregation (repellent) pheromone for the mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae), the southern pine beetls (Dendroctonus frontalis), the western pine beetles, (Dendroctonus brevicomis), and other bark beetles. Verbenone Pouches deter attacks in tree stands and protect susceptible trees.

Application Placement: In tree stands, place in a grid pattern by stapling individual pouches 6-12 feet above the ground on the north face of suceptible trees. Use a minimum of 20 pouches per acre. The product is most efficacious when less than 15% of mature pines are currently attcked and when combined with direct control tactics e.g sanitation harvesting or felling and burning of infested trees. Usual dispersal range is approximately 10 feet around the tree and 10' above and below the pouch, most concentrated in the direction of the prevailing breeze. Dispersal is fastest in warmer temperatures. Best placed on the shady side of the tree and upwind.

For individual un-infested, living trees, staple one pouch at maximum reach from the ground on the north face or two pouches, one at 6 feet and one at 12 above the ground on the north face.

For protecting stands of trees, use at least one pouch every 25 feet in a perimeter surrounding the stand. Also place a Verbenone pouch on the North side of the largest tree. By encircling the stand and boosting the repellent on the most desirable tree, the pouches can be used in more economical fashion and may help to protect more than the one tree per pouch.

If your trees may be attacked from unattended neighboring property, try to create a Verbenone barrier applied to a horseshoe-shaped buffer of un-infested trees at the advancing head of the infestation on the windward side of the trees (as described above) in a perimeter no more than 25 feet apart and boosting the protection on your largest trees.

Verbenone is prescribed as part of a multi-faceted approach to mountain pine beetle management. No single treatment can totally prevent attacks. Additionally, preventative measures will need to be repeated each year or each flight season in areas with more than one season annually.

Treatment is usually site-specific, depending on such factors as proximity, size and rate of growth of an infestation, stand age and composition, aspect elevation, altitude, climate, local weather and integration with other control tactics. Inexperienced users are advised to seek guidance from a professional forest entomolotist.

Trees 6-9 inches in diameter usually require only one pouch. Very large diameter trees may require a 2nd pouch placed 6-10 feet higher on the north face of the tree. The need is to cover the whole trunk until it has diminished to about 6" in diameter. Each pouch covers an area of approximately 10' in diameter.

Application Timing:
For Mountain Pine Beetles, it is our recommendation that you staple or nail the first Verbenone pouch 7 - 10 feet high (2m) on the north face of the tree just prior to beetle flight season. In most high elevation and mountain state locations, significant beetle flight begins mid July. Under normal weather conditions, treatment below 5,000 feet elevation should be started mid June. Treatment in high elevations (over 8,000 feet) should begin during the first week of July. Hotter deploys earlier. (Much lower elevations like the Okanagan Valley, and areas with hotter than average temperatures, may need to deploy in May and may require a second treatment in July or August. )

Storage: Store in sealed container (not a plastic bag) in a cold, dry place. Store below 32 degrees F (or 0 degreesC) or as cold as possible.

This product is for Forestry use only. Prior to use, open storage bag in a well-ventilated area and allow any accumulated vapor to vent.

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